Thank you for visting. I'm Dave.

An aspiring web developer with a background in healthcare IT consulting, investments and real estate. I'm looking forward to the challenges awaiting.

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About Me

I'm a person with huge aspirations as there is much I wish to accomplish.

Lifelong learning is my top priority with deliberate challenges driving me to become the best I can be.

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Computer Skills

Programming Languages

  • HTML: elements, attributes, headings, paragraphs, styles, formatting, comments, colors, links, images, tables, lists, classes, id, iframes, responsive, forms
  • CSS: external style sheets, internal style sheets, inline style, comments, colors, backgrounds, borders, margins, padding, height/width, box model, outline, text, fonts, icons, links, opacity, image gallery.
  • Bootstrap 3 & 4: grid fundamentals, tables, images, jumbotron, alerts, buttons, navbars, dropdowns, forms.
  • PHP: form validation, super global variables, mail function, date function, switch statement, open/write files, heredoc, while loop, creating cookies.
  • MySQL: PhpMyAdmin, creating databases, creating tables, insert records, CRUD, select statement, insert statement, update statement, delete statement, Crontab/database backup.
  • JavaScript: outputs, variables, operators, comments.

Web Development Resources

  • Visual Studio Code
  • WordPress: wp-admin, uploading themes, customizing dashboard, managing posts, uploading media, plugins, user management, comments, scratch themes.
  • Web Faction: web hosting, establish new domains, applications, websites and databases.
  • GitHub: creating new repositories, commands (clone, status, add, commit, push).
  • Favicon generation, Google Fonts, Font Awesome, domain names, HTTPS configuration, latitude/longitude finder, Photopea, FTP/SFTP, SSH, command line, Linux/Unix commands.

Epic Electronic Health Record Software

  • Computerized Physician Order Entry, Clinical Documentation, OpTime, eMAR, Flowsheets

Cerner Electronic Health Record Software

  • PowerChart, FirstNet, PowerNotes, Dynamic Documentation, CPOE, eMAR, I-View, BCMA

Allscripts Sunrise Enterprise 5.0/5.5 Electronic Health Record Software

  • CPOE, eMAR, Clinical Documentation, Order Reconciliation Manager

• Medhost/HMS Electronic Health Record Software

  • CPOE, eMAR, Clinical Documentation, Medication Reconciliation

Microsoft Office

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

Music Software

My Resume


Jacksonville, FL - 02/20 – Present

Full Stack Web Development Boot Camp / Web Development Internship

  • Build responsive, database-drive websites from assignments utilizing the following programming languages: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, JavaScript, WordPress.
  • Configure databases, tables, FTP/SFTP, domains, web hosting, server configuration.
  • Interact and collaborate with fellow students to problem solve and reinforce technical understanding in a fast-paced environment.
Jax Code Academy
Jacksonville, FL - 12/08

Master of Business Administration

University of North Florida
Jacksonville, FL – 12/03

Bachelor of Business Administration


University of North Florida
Berklee Online - 04/18

Ableton Live Specialist Certificate

Ableton Live Fundamentals – Berklee Online – 06/17 – 09/17

Performing with Ableton Live – Berklee Online – 09/17 – 12/17

Advanced Music Production with Ableton Live – Berklee Online – 01/17 – 04/17

Berklee College of Music


06/10 – Present

Healthcare Software Consultant*

Hop IT Consulting
  • Perform hospital, project management and team leadership responsibilities including, but not limited to consultant support, resource allocation, schedule management, staff assignment.
  • Utilize effective communication skills to interact with management, physicians, nursing and various clinicians to convey extensive software concepts as it relates to clinical responsibilities and functionalities.
  • Conduct on-the-spot individual and group training sessions to physicians and nursing.
  • Collaborate with physicians and nursing to integrate workflow solutions during Electronic Health Record implementations.
  • Empower and educate staff in utilizing functionalities of Allscripts, Cerner, Epic and Medhost in a hospital and ambulatory environment.
  • Troubleshoot technical challenges and produce issue reports for items requiring correction.
  • Demonstrate empathy and continuous technical and moral support through these organizational and cultural transformations.
  • Conduct Skype interviews to assess and recruit candidates for present and future implementations.
Jacksonville FL – 06/16 – Present


Cowford Realty and Design
  • Analyze local real estate market to determine price trends, property availability.
  • Evaluate individual properties, location of comparable properties, prices, specs, condition to determine appropriate value.
  • Grant customers access to view properties of interest.
  • Produce property reports containing key metrics to aid in buy/sell decisions.
  • Stage, list and market homes to maximize buyer interest and sale price.
  • Utilize MLS database to create custom subscriptions notifying customers of properties as they are listed.
  • Profile Page:
Jacksonville, FL – 05/14 – Present

Real Estate Entrepreneur

Lucille Properties
  • Analyze geographic details, property comparables, dwelling conditions within the local real estate market to determine the best return on investment.
  • Compile and collect data to calculate investment returns regarding potential properties to determine if acquisition is lucrative.
  • Organize and maintain updated business records, property closing documentation, rental insurance, etc.
  • Communicate with property management, contractors and handymen to ensure property is being maintained in the most efficient way possible.
02/15 – 02/17

Financial Freelance Writer

InterActiveCorp / Investopedia
Jacksonville, FL – 07/07 – 06/10

Premium Service Representative/Trader

Fidelity Investments
  • Held position as FINRA Registered Representative by passing Series 7 & 63 exams.
  • Effectively educated high net worth clients concerning equity, option, mutual fund and margin principles.
  • Execute securities trades and transactions while routing to various exchanges.
  • Demonstrate knowledge to clients regarding financial markets, products and services.
  • Collaborate with business partners and colleagues to resolve account service inquiries.
  • Listen and investigate for needs enabling customers to reach long-term financial success.
  • Conduct presentations to team members improving product knowledge and understanding.
  • Mentor colleagues preparing for post-licensed training classes.
  • Error-free trader throughout entire tenure with company.

Portfolio Projects

GitHub Code

College Registration Tile

College Registration Project

College course registration system utilizing PHP and MySQL enabling users to manage course schedules,make payments and edit demographic information. Use of web forms, sanitizing data, saving data to MySQL, registration page, login page, dashboard, invoice/billing page.

Mock Apple Website

Mock Apple Website

A Bootstrap-focused page aiming to reproduce a Apple webpage featuring their signature MacBook Pro.

Apple Reference Site
Planets Project Tile


A table pulling planet data from a MySQL database.

United States Tile

United States

PHP form utilizing the opening, writing and looping functions to create associations to states and their flags and Wikipedia pages.

Guest List Tile

Guest List Check-In

Guest list page where guests can register, edit or delete their profiles.

Health Clinic Tile

Health Clinic

Health Clinic intake form using PHP and MySQL to create patient database.

Art Gallery Tile

Art Gallery

Art Gallery with framed YouTube pages built for Duval County Public Schools.

Current Activities

Current Projects:

  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification on freeCodeCamp

Currently Learning:

Currently Reading:

LinkedIn Learning Certificates of Completion

html essential training certificate wordpress essential training site administration certificate strategic planning foundations certificate financial modeling foundations certificate excel analyzing and visualizing cash flows certificate tracking data easily and efficiently certificate
drupal essential training certificate careers in web design certificate financial accounting foundations certificate corporate financial statement analysis certificate financial modeling and forecasting financial statements certificate creating with ableton live plugins and instruments certificate
wordpress essential training certificate seo videos certificate financial analysis certificate managerial economics certificate how to analyze a wholesale deal in real estate certificate learning massive certificate